Statement 5: Rules, policies and procedures

This section highlights a few of the many instances in which this Agency publishes internal rules, policies and procedures online.

Types of information that can be found on this site include;

  • manuals of procedure
  • interpretations of governing statutes
  • statements of policies and documents concerning methods of enforcing acts or schemes.

If there are documents of this nature that are not currently available online, requests can be submitted directly to the relevant CFA business unit.

Examples are listed below.

Please note, the resource locations and content presented within the overall Part II Statement provides only a snapshot of the information that is available and is by no means an exhaustive representation.

If searching for a specific topic, more thorough results may be obtained by conducting a full search of this site or by contacting the relevant business unit directly.


Category/Topic Resource Location
Acts administered by/relevant to the
Annual Report - Relevant legislation and policies
Guidelines to the Infringements Fines & penalties section of
this website
Guidelines to State agencies responsibilities for fire prevention Working with other agencies section of this website
Emergency Management Manual Victoria Emergency Management Victoria
CFA Privacy Statement Privacy section of this website
CFA – FOI Complaints Office Victorian Information Commissioner
Protected Disclosures formally known as Whistleblower Procedures Protected disclosures


More information about Freedom of Information (FOI) can be found on the dedicated OVIC FOI website and CFA FOI website.


Freedom of Information
PO Box 701
Mt Waverley VIC 3149
Tel: 03 9262 8512



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