Bushfire Basics

Grassfires near home

Am I at Risk?

By recognising and understanding your risk environment this will also help you to start preparing your property for fire and know what to do.

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upload slope of fire behaviour

How Fire Behaves

Understand how fire behaves: learn how terrain, vegetation, weather conditions, temperature, and wind contribute to the risk of bushfires.

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Man showing radiant heat

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is the heat you feel from a fire. It is the biggest killer in a fire. The best protection is distance.

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Rural Grassfires from a distance

Grassfires - Rural

Grassfires can start and spread quickly, especially on days when the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme or Catastrophic.

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Urban Grassfires resource

Grassfires - Near Cities and Towns

If you live or work on the outskirts of a city or town, you might be next to grassland, parks, paddocks or bush.

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Unattended campfires, and campfires that haven't been extinguished properly can turn into bushfires.

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