Emergency Information and Services

New Australia-wide warning system launched

About Warnings

You should never wait to receive an official warning before you leave. Fires can start quickly and threaten homes and lives within minutes. Warnings are issued when a fire has started and you need to take action.

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Siren at a fire station

Community Alert Sirens

Community alert sirens are used as part of Victoria’s warning system for all hazards – including flood, fire and storm. Community alert sirens are only used when there is imminent threat to the community.

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Men clicking on screen icons - information services

Information Services

A list of key emergency services with website contact details including emergency broadcasters and other Australian Fire Services.

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map of road closures

Road Closures (Traffic Management Points)

Traffic Management Points are temporary road closures set up during an emergency to protect the safety of people, and vehicles, travelling into an affected area.

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