Fire safety on balconies

You can reduce the risk of fires occurring on your balconies by following the steps below to ensure your safety and prevent property damage.


Gas Bottles

gas bottle

Always store gas bottles outside, upright and away from sources of heat. Always turn off the gas bottle when not in use.



When using a barbeque maintain a safe distance of 50 cm from exterior walls, anything else that could burn, as well as any electrical ignition sources.

Ash trays


Smokers should use heavy, high-sided ashtrays (made of glass, ceramic or metal) to prevent them tipping over. Always fully extinguish cigarettes.




Remove rubbish, clutter and flammable items from balconies and keep furniture away from exterior walls.

Air conditioner

air conditioner

Keep all materials including clothes at least 1 metre clear of air conditioner units.


fire extinguisher

Keep a dry powder fire extinguisher easily accessible. Use only in case of a small fire and if you feel physically and mentally able.



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