Disaster Resilience Education Victoria

Are your students disaster resilient?

Disaster Resilience Education (DRE) builds students understanding of the causes, nature and effects of hazards. DRE fosters a range of competencies and skills that enables students to contribute proactively to disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

School-based DRE is a key priority for action in disaster resilience policy frameworks and strategies from the local through to the international level.

The CFA and VicSES worked collaboratively with secondary school teachers and students to develop a multi-hazard website to support teachers to deliver DRE.

This easy to use website is designed specifically for Victorian secondary school teachers and students. The interactive web-based lessons are designed for students Years 7-9 and align with current curriculum.

Learning outcomes for students include:

  • increased knowledge and awareness of their local disaster risk
  • increased capacity for initiating and participating in practical action for disaster risk reduction and resilience

The DRE website is a platform for teachers that is easy to use, saves time and is aligned with the current curriculum.

For more information contact education@cfa.vic.gov.au or click on the screen below.