Sales and Service

Fire Equipment Maintenance can service your equipment.  We also offer a wide selection of fire safety products for sale.

These products range from fire extinguishers to fire hose reels and accessories. 
For a price list, email or send us a message us via the FEM ENQUIRY FORM

All CFA Branded extinguishers are rated and certified to the relevant Australian Standards.

Common range of extinguishers

Common range of fire extinguishers 
Dry Chemical Extinguishers

large dry extinguisher         small dry extinguisher

CO2 Extinguishers

co2 extinguisher       co2 extinguisher with nozzle

Foam Extinguishers (Including the new ECO / Fluorine FREE Foam)

foam extinguisher       foam extinguisher

Water Extinguishers

water extinguisher

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

large wet chemical extinguisher      small wet chemical extinguisher

large fire blanket

fire hose with accessories fire hose reel cover fire hose with gold pipe

fire extinguisher with plastic cover fire extinguisher in wall box sign for fire extinguisher fire blanket



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