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We are Victoria’s volunteer fire service, operating across the state to reduce the occurrence and impacts of fire and other emergencies


We are a Trusted Authority because we combine our core strengths in:

fire safety


community connectedness




We are a dedicated and skilled team, performing roles beyond fire suppression; educating and engaging the community, helping residents develop fire plans and responding to other emergencies when they happen.

Our valued advice and knowledge in fire behaviour, fire safety, incident management and community preparation adds further strength to Victoria’s trusted and united emergency services sector.

CFA strives to be an organisation of choice for volunteers and employees, attracting people with a variety of skills, from organisational to operational, who all add value through the roles they perform.

It’s why we’re focused on increasing our diversity, our flexibility and our inclusiveness and providing a range of opportunities and skill development.

We work proudly together with Victorian communities to deliver on CFA’s vision of fire safety and preparedness, regardless of whether that role is on the firefront or behind the scenes. All our people make a valuable contribution.

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CFA provides statewide fire and related emergency coordination

  • Wildfire suppression
  • Structural fire suppression
  • Transport-related fire suppression
  • Road rescue
  • Technical rescue, such as high angle, trench and mine operations
  • Hazardous materials transportation and storage incidents
  • Working with Forestry industry brigades
  • Other emergency activities including flood assistance.

CFA is also involved in a range of non-emergency activities

  • Community awareness, education and safety programs
  • Fire safety input planning for major community risks
  • Fire prevention and planning
  • Land use planning advice at municipal level
  • Technical services including building code-related inspections, post incident analysis and fire investigation.
  • Vegetation Management
  • Planned Burning
  • Sustainable Fire Management


More information in this section

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Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres

VEMTC - Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres


CFA relies on a range of fire stations and trucks to meet the needs of the community it serves.
forest plantation

Forest Industry Plantations

In November 1997, the Victorian Government introduced legislation requiring forest plantation companies to form fire brigades when their plantation assets reached a critical size.
Being a Grassland Observer

Grassland Curing Observations

Information for Grassland Curing Observers (CFA website)
planned burning

Planned Burning

Information on CFA involvement in Planned Burning
roadside management

Roadside Management

Roadsides are important for safety, the provision of services and the environment. Roadside management involves a wide range of issues and organisations. One important issue is roadside fire management.
Sustainable Fire Management

Sustainable Fire Management

CFA has programs and publications to assist people working in the rural landscape to make bushfire planning and operations as environmentally sustainable as possible.



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