What We Do

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Our Community Role in Fire Safety

We are Victoria’s volunteer fire service, operating across the state to reduce the occurrence and impacts of fire and other emergencies

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Firefighters at structural fire

Environmental Services

Ensuring CFA complies with environmental and other associated legislative requirements. Providing professional advice about firefighting and environmental hazards and considerations.

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Forest Industry Plantations

In November 1997, the Victorian Government introduced legislation requiring forest plantation companies to form fire brigades when their plantation assets reached a critical size.

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Stations and Trucks

CFA relies on a range of fire stations and trucks to meet the needs of the community it serves.

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planned burning

Planned Burning

CFA brigades conduct planned burning which reduce fuels to minimise the impact and spread of bushfire.

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Being a Grassland Observer

Grassland Curing Observations

Weekly observations about how dry the grasslands are in their area and provide CFA an overall picture of Victoria's grassfire risk.

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Training Centres

CFA runs eight of the nine Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres (VEMTC).

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Volunteers talking to mum and kids

Talking with the Community

Engaging with communities is critical for CFA to keep them prepared for and safe from fire.

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Emergency Response

365 days a year, CFA members respond to emergency incidents across Victoria.

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Fighting bushfire


CFA has programs and publications to assist people working in the rural landscape to make bushfire planning and operations as environmentally sustainable as possible.

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Transmission lines

Fighting fires around transmission lines

With over 6,500 kilometres of transmission lines in Victoria our volunteers have experience fighting fires around transmission lines. 

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