Facility Features

19 individual props spread across three Practical Areas for Drills (PADS) and an Off Road Driving Area


Gas Pad

A number of complex fire scenarios requiring a range of diverse skills:

  • Road Tanker
  • Running Drain
  • Service Station
  • Domestic Cylinders
  • Gas Meter Leak
  • Gas Rupture/Impingement Shield
  • Horizontal/Vertical Bullet
  • Loading Dock – Fat Boy Gas Cylinder
  • Loading Dock – Office
  • Skip Bin



Extinguisher Pad

Multiple props which can be plugged into an underground gas area and ignited to provide a range of live fires:

  • Car
  • Circular Pit/Island Prop
  • Flam Trays
  • Flexible Prop Point – Car, Kitchen Stove, Letter Box, Plane, BBQ
  • Skip Bin
  • Spoon Drain



Structure Pad

Low structure and Multi-storey buildings, including a commercial kitchen and flash over fire scenario providing experience at a range of skills levels for:

  • BA Search and Rescue
  • Break and Enter
  • Draughting Pit
  • Low Structure House
  • Multi storey Building
  • Portable Gas Caddy
  • Power Line Prop
  • Single Storey House
  • Skip Bin
  • Solar Panel Prop
  • Workshop/Compound



Off-Road Driver Training Areas

Multi four-wheel driving scenarios replicate requirements to meet national competencies, as well as outcomes from various coronial enquiries that resulted from various off road driving incidents including:

  • Water crossing
  • Sand crossing
  • Driving over rough and uneven ground
  • Driving through mud
  • Stopping and starting on steep gradients; and
  • Cross slope capability




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