Fire management planning on farms involves protecting your assets and your people.

Landowners and farm managers have a legal responsibility for the safety of all people living, working or visiting their properties.

Farmers and landowners in bushfire risk areas have a particular responsibility to prepare for bushfire. Having a written plan is the best way to do this.

Grain harvesting and paddock operations need to be suspended when the local conditions are hot, dry and windy; and if a fire were to start would be difficult to control. The Voluntary Grain Harvesting Guide (PDF 162.8KB) provides guidance and a table to help you determine when these conditions are reached by using local weather readings.

If you’re a primary producer, you might be eligible for tax deductions for fire preparedness and prevention expenses you incur. A fact sheet published by the Australian Taxation Office talks you through what you can and can’t claim. Some examples of deductions you can claim might include quick fill pumps, lightweight water tanks for utility vehicles or fire protection sprinkler systems in sheds. Download Fire preparedness and prevention expenses for primary producers (PDF 229.1KB) for more information.


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  Page Title Description
Farm fire safety
Fire safety on the farm
Fire management planning for farmers, landowners, plantation managers and bush block owners
Hay Fire Safety
Spontaneous ignition is the leading cause of haystack fire in Victoria, and just one damp bale is enough to ignite a haystack.
Horses and Bushfires
Whether your horses are located at home or on an agistment property you must plan and prepare for their safety.
livestock and bushfires
Cattle, sheep and other agricultural stock need protection from bushfires.
Electric fencelines
Maintaining electric fences and powerlines
Landowners and farm managers have a legal responsibility to ensure private powerlines are maintained in sound condition and that they are clear of vegetation.
operating machinery
Operating farming machinery, equipment and vehicles
It's your responsibility to make sure you don't start a fire
private firefighting equipment
Private firefighting equipment
Anyone operating vehicles, machinery and equipment on farms must have firefighting equipment.
restrictions and permits during fdp
Restrictions and permits for farming activities
Some farming activities are restricted during the Fire Danger Period. Permits may be required.



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