Preparing your tourism business

It’s not just residents that can be impacted by fire - bushfires can affect tourism businesses as well.

Do you have a bushfire plan for your tourism business?

If a bushfire starts near your business, you and your employees may be under pressure to ensure the safety of yourselves and others.

Not all visitors will be aware of the fire risk, and they'll look to you for guidance.

Create a plan for your tourism business

A written plan may save lives by helping you to stay focused and respond in the best possible way when you’re under pressure. Preparation may also help to minimise the loss of profits and get a business back up and running more quickly after the threat of fire has passed.

CFA has created a Tourism Business Bushfire Plan (PDF 1MB) that enables you to tailor it to your business's situation.

Your plan should identify:

  • actions to do before summer
  • actions to do during summer
  • triggers for you to take action, such as Fire Danger Rating levels and warnings
  • roles and responsibilities of each staff member

Visit the Tourism and Events Industry website to find more information about business planning and how to recover from bushfire.

Want to learn more?

This FREE module is for any person that operates a Tourism business in a bushfire risk area over summer.

It only takes 30 minutes to complete and you will learn how to:

An icon in the form of a stylised light bulb.   understand your local risk

A stylised image of a computer screen overlayed with a printed checklist.   develop your business's bushfire plan

A stylised speech bubble with lines representing words.   communicate to your customers

A stylised image of a table of check boxes with ticks and crosses   prepare for the bushfire season

A sylised image of a magnifying glass   where to get further information

Develop a bushfire plan for your tourism business.

Complete our FREE learning module and start your plan today

CFA Tourism and Bushfire Planning module


CFA can also deliver this session at your workplace as a group-based session. Contact your local CFA office to organise either an online or face-to-face session



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