Operational Support

By joining CFA, you will not only have the opportunity to learn new skills in your day-to-day job, you will also have the extraordinary opportunity to provide operational support during major fire and other emergencies.

State Control Centre

CFA's mission is to protect lives and property; therefore many of our people employed in corporate support roles (administration, finance, human resources etc.) are encouraged to use their knowledge and skills to directly support the response to and management of emergencies. This support is critical to our organisation.

  • Planning – This involves collection and analysis of information and the development of plans for the resolution of an incident.
  • Public Information – This involves the provision of warnings, information and advice to the public, and liaison with the media and affected communities.
  • Logistics – This involves the acquisition and provision of human and physical resources, facilities, services and materials to support achievement of incident objectives.
  • Facility Management – This ensures that incident and emergency management locations are functioning as planned and any operability problems are resolved.
  • Management Support – This involves high level executive support to senior incident and emergency managers to ensure that they are able to perform their roles effectively. 

Employees who have expressed an interest in and are selected to undertake these additional support roles – subject to their manager’s approval – will be provided with the necessary training, coaching and ongoing skills maintenance. These skills are transferrable to day-to-day work and the experiences will enhance personal development and networking opportunities.



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