Presumptive Rights Compensation / Cancer Claims

Employee and Volunteer Firefighters who meet certain requirements can now access presumptive compensation for specified cancers contracted while serving as a firefighter.

Presumptive compensation means that an eligible firefighter doesn't have to prove that firefighting is the cause of their cancer when they make a claim.

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Volunteer Firefighters

Volunteer firefighters will continue to have the option of making a claim for compensation under the existing Volunteer Compensation Scheme administered by CFA in circumstances where:

  • Their injury is not one of the 15 cancers for which the presumptive rights scheme applies: or
  • Their claim for compensation under the presumptive rights scheme has been unsuccessful ( and provided that in rejecting the claim, WorkSafe did not prove that the injury was not due to the nature of the volunteer’s services as a firefighter.)

Volunteer firefighters will not be able to receive double compensation for the same injury under the Presumptive Rights Scheme and the Volunteer Compensation Scheme.

Any claim made to the Volunteer Compensation Scheme will be assessed in accordance with CFA’s usual processes.

Firefighter cancer claims information

Information around the WorkSafe Process as managed by WorkSafe Agent Gallagher Bassett is provided in the Firefighter Presumptive Rights Compensation Brochure (PDF 6.2MB).

Firefighters can obtain information via email at



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