Planning and Bushfire Management Overlay

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to land in Victoria that may be at risk from bushfire. If your land is within the BMO you may need a planning permit to develop or subdivide your property.

Details on the exact requirements of the BMO and other bushfire planning controls can be found within your local planning scheme. Use the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) Vic Plan Tool to find out whether your site is located within a BMO.


Help and advice

  1. The first point of contact for general help and advice on applying for a permit is your local council.
  2. For more information on your property and building in the BMO, including general information on why bushfire controls are in place, how to prepare an application in the BMO and other information that will help you design a bushfire responsive proposal, please see the Planning for Bushfire Protection section of the Vic Gov website.
  3. For further assistance the Fire Protection Association Australia website provides a list of accredited Bushfire Planning and Design Practitioners (BPAD) who can assist you with advice on the requirements for development in a BMO and preparing a planning application that addresses the bushfire planning controls.


Additional resources

Planning Scheme and Property Information

  • The Victoria Planning Provisions and Local Planning Schemes contain information about zones, overlays and other planning controls that help determine when a permit is required for a certain use or development. You are encouraged to consider key bushfire policies at Clause 13.02-1S, Clause 44.06, Clause 53.02 and Clause 71.03.
  • Free Planning Property Reports will help you identify what planning controls apply to a particular site and if the land is located within the BMO or a Bushfire Prone Area.

Preparing an Application in the BMO

Bushfire Landscape Hazard Assessment

Additional Static Water Supply Information

  • For information on CFA's requirements for water supply fittings refer to Tank Connections (PDF 1.8MB)
  • To assist practitioners with advice regarding requirements for installing a remote outlet to a firefighting water supply in the BMO, refer to Fact Sheet "Use of remote outlets on water supply tanks in the Bushfire Management Overlay".

Glossary of Terms and Standard CFA Conditions

  • View a list of CFA’s standard permit conditions.
  • To understand some common terms used in CFA's standard planning permit conditions you can refer to the glossary of terms.

Vegetation Management for Bushfire Protection

  • For more information on the bushfire protection exemptions for vegetation management around your property within the BMO or BPA, please refer to DTP's website - Vegetation Management for bushfire protection for more information.

BMO Fact Sheets

Cover Title and description
Application of shielding in the Bushfire Management Overlay Thumbnail

Application of Shielding in the Bushfire Management Overlay (pdf 191.6KB)

This Fact Sheet outlines CFA’s approach to the shielding provisions of Australian Standard 3959 - Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas when developing in the Bushfire Management Ove ...

Factsheet cover

Use of remote outlets on water supply tanks in the Bushfire Management Overlay (pdf 3.5MB)

This Fact Sheet outlines CFA’s approach for the use of remote outlets on water supply tanks in the Bushfire Management Overlay.

The bushfire planning provisions can be viewed at Clauses 44.06 & 53.02 of the Victoria Planning Provisions here. More information on how to interpret these requirements, can be found on the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) website, including the Technical Guideline – Planning Permit Applications Bushfire Management Overlay September 2017.

To assist in the identification of the different vegetation classes you will need to review Australian Standard AS3959-2018.



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