Bushfire Management Plan

What is a Bushfire Management Plan (BMP)?

A bushfire management plan shows all of the bushfire protection measures that will be implemented as part of a development to reduce the risk from bushfire to an acceptable level.

Most applications where the proposal must satisfy the bushfire planning controls will include a BMP as part of the information that is submitted to Council for assessment. This plan will be endorsed and form part of the planning permit.

The planning scheme includes a mandatory condition at Clause 44.06-5 that requires that any permit issued for buildings and works in the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) to include the following condition:

The bushfire protection measures forming part of this permit or shown on the endorsed plans, including those relating to construction standards, defendable space, water supply and access, must be maintained to the satisfaction of the responsible authority on a continuing basis. This condition continues to have force and effect after the development authorised by this permit has been completed.

Where an application is made using a schedule to the BMO, a Bushfire Management Plan must be submitted with your application and is the only information that is required to be submitted as part of your application. The plan will then be endorsed and form part of the planning permit.

More information on making an application using the schedule to the BMO can be found on the DTP website.

CFA strongly encourages applicants to submit a bushfire management plan as part of any application made under BMO.

Here are some standard Bushfire Management Plan templates that may assist you in preparing an application. A more detailed plan may be requested by CFA for more complex or non-residential applications using Pathway 1 or 2 or where tailored requirements are being sought:

Here are some examples of Bushfire Management Plans:



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