Talking with the Community

CFA’s vision for communities to be prepared for and safe from fire, starts with what we can do to help them understand and manage the risk of fire.

Talking with our communities (community engagement) is a core part of what we do at CFA to enhance their knowledge and prepare them for the possibility of fire.

Engagement is not a one-way street. This means that CFA takes a role in helping the community develop their skills and their understanding, while encouraging communities to take an active part in living safely with fire.

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Our CFA Community Engagement Approach

Our CFA Community Engagement Approach (CEA) outlines

  • How CFA works with community members, government, corporate and community organisations and other emergency sector agencies through public awareness campaigns and fire safety programs. We engage face to face, online and through third party stakeholders to broaden our reach to all Victorians.
  • Our capability and commitment to meaningfully connect with local communities and empower them to prepare for fire.

View the Community Engagement Approach document (PDF 7.6MB)

CFA engages with the community all year round.

We run community safety meetings, bushfire planning workshops, recruitment activities, open days, and many more ways to learn about fire safety and connect with your brigade in a fun and engaging way. Find your nearest CFA event.

Community awareness, education and safety programs.

Our suite of tailored fire Safety programs and resources help empower and prepare communities by enhancing their knowledge, developing their skills and strengthening community bonds. Delivered locally by Brigades in person or online, there is a program to suit all levels of knowledge:

  • Home Fire Safety Awareness programs
  • Schools programs
  • Bushfire preparedness programs and workshops
  • Home visits to discuss bushfire property preparation or smoke alarms

Find out more about Fire Safety Programs.

Community Events

You can find CFA brigades at community events like Agricultural Shows, Fairs and Markets, sharing our important fire safety messages. Our Brigades run Open Days and Community BBQs, inviting locals inside the fire stations and to check out the fire trucks.

We also take part each year in the fundraising efforts for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

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Engaging with diverse communities

All Victorian communities must be prepared for, and safe from, fire. That’s why we adapted our approach to be inclusive of diverse cultures, abilities, age, gender, and past experiences.

We target and tailor our engagement programs to meet these needs by:

  • Developing information and resources that are co-designed, culturally specific and in-many different languages.
  • Working with traditional owner groups and indigenous communities across Victoria
  • Making our activities and content accessible for people of all abilities

See our Community Engagement Approach (PDF 7.6MB) and Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for more.



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