Fire Permits

If you need to use fire in the open air during the Fire Danger Period or on a day of Total Fire Ban you may require a permit.

There are two types of permits. Click on a box to find out more.

Fire Danger Period

During the Fire Danger Period

A permit valid for use during the declared Fire Danger Period but not on Total Fire Ban Days (this is called a Schedule 13 or Schedule 14 Permit.

Total Fire Ban

On days of Total Fire Ban

A permit valid for days of Total Fire Ban only (this is called a Section 40 Permit)

What types of activity require a permit for using fire in the open air?

Check online on the Fire Permits Victoria website.

Screenshot of fire permits website.

Alternatively, find out more on the Can I, Can't I section.

Check why do you need to use fire, is it because you're required to?

  • Run a business
  • Operate at public events
  • Perform essential maintenance
  • Emergency works

After I've I applied, when can I expect the permit?

CFA issues permits towards the end of September. This is so the weather and local conditions can be assessed.

If you've applied on a day of Total Fire Ban, CFA's operational activity may delay a permit being issued.

Unsure if you need a permit?

Contact your local CFA District Office or CFA headquarters on (03) 9262 8444.



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