Queen's Fire Service Medal

The Queen's Fire Service medal (QFSM) consists of two awards:

queens medal back and front

  • The Queen's Fire Service medal for Gallantry (awarded posthumously) was awarded for acts of exceptional courage and skill at the cost of their lives.
  • The Queen's Fires Service medal for distinguished Service was awarded for the exhibition of conspicuous devotion to duty.


Instituted on 19 May 1954 by Queen Elizabeth II, for issue to members of recognised fire services in Britain and Commonwealth countries. Awarded for 'acts of exceptional courage and skill at the cost of their lives' or for the 'exhibition of conspicuous devotion to duty'.

Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal QFSM after their name. Awards for gallantry essentially on a posthumous basis. This Medal replaced the King's Police and Fire Service Medal and was in turn replaced in Australian honours with the Australian Fire Service Medal in 1989. The last award of the QFSM to an Australian was in 1989. Between 1954 and 1989, 98 QFSMs were awarded.


  • The medal is silver and 36 millimetres in diameter, with the obverse having the profile of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The medal's reverse is a standing figure with a sword and shield, with an inscription of "For Gallantry" or "For Distinguished Fire Service" around the face's side.
  • The ribbon is of red with three yellow stripes. The Queen's Fire Service Medal for Gallantry has a single thin blue stripe running through the centre of each yellow stripe.


No longer available. Replaced by Australian Fire Service Medal.


Date granted First name Surname Position Location Awarded for
14/06/1969 Percy Allan (Peter) Gray D.C.O.   Distinguished Service
16/06/1979 Clarence Herbert Howe D.C.O.   Distinguished Service
16/06/1979 Ronald Alexander Orchard C.O.   Distinguished Service
31/12/1979 Ernest Joseph Bromley S. O. Ballarat UFB Distinguished Service
31/12/1979 Stanley Maxwell (Max) Taylor D.C.O. Distinguished Service
14/06/1980 Derrik Albert Austin Group Officer Mortlake FBG Distinguished Service
14/06/1980 Maurice Eric Johnson Ex Captain Maryvale F/B Distinguished Service
14/06/1980 Peter Lang S.O. Norlane UFB Distinguished Service
14/06/1980 Patrick George Mullins   Maryborough UFB Distinguished Service
31/12/1980 Donald Eric Fleming Captain Monbulk RFB Distinguished Service
31/12/1980 Ian Keith Johnson D.C.O.   Distinguished Service
31/12/1980 Graham John Stork A.C.O.   Distinguished Service
31/12/1980 Norman Noel Webster Ex Captain Pakenham UFB Distinguished Service
13/06/1981 Lawrence Gordon Lavelle Shoreham RFB   Distinguished Service
13/06/1981 Brian Vincent Potter D.C.O.   Distinguished Service
13/06/1981 Thomas Francis Henry Williamson     Distinguished Service
31/12/1981 Harold William Baptist Captain Noble Park UFB Distinguished Service
31/12/1981 Ernest Charles Caddy Ex Captain Drouin UFB Distinguished Service
31/12/1981 Roderick George Coutts Group Officer Kanna District FBG Distinguished Service
31/12/1981 Douglas Henry Lade Group Officer Highlands Caveat RFB Distinguished Service
12/06/1982 Geoffrey Thomas Evans Captain Echuca Distinguished Service



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