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This section provides information on CFA's role under the building and dangerous goods legislation, caravan park fire safety, renewable energy facilities, emergency plans for commercial properties, land use planning and Bushfire Management Overlay.

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alarm system
Alarm Systems
Building owners and managers need to know their rights and responsibilities about monitored alarm systems in buildings, and how to prevent false alarms.
caravan park sign
Caravan Park Fire Safety
Caravan park owners must meet fire safety requirements as outlined in the Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standards) Regulations 2010.
Hazmat team dealing with HAZMAT
Dangerous Goods
Dangerous Goods in the Country Area of Victoria
Electric fencelines
Electric Line Vegetation Clearance
CFA and FRV assign low and high fire hazard ratings to the country area of Victoria and to portions of the Metropolitan Fire District for powerlines.
fire extinguisher
Fire Equipment Maintenance
CFA has professionally trained volunteer firefighters to install and service portable fire equipment to relevant Australian standards and building regulations for the public, business, and industry.
studying plans
Planning Controls
CFA’s role in Victoria's planning system is to provide expert advice to councils and the Minister for Planning.
CFA logo
Regulation 129
Building Fire Safety in the Country Area of Victoria
Renewable Energy Fire Safety
CFA Guidelines for Renewable Energy Facilities (2021)



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