Working Together

Victoria’s fire management planning arrangements 

Fire management planning is a complex, multi stakeholder process encompassing mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Strong planning arrangements aim to reduce the destructive impacts of fire on communities and the environment.

The Emergency Management Legislation Amendment Act 2018 introduced significant changes to planning arrangements, providing the framework for an integrated “all hazards” approach at the State, Regional and Municipal levels.

Local responsibility for fire management planning and documentation now rests with each Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC). Where fire is identified as a high municipal risk, the MEMPC may convene a fire management sub-committee and consider if a fire focused sub-plan is required.

How is CFA involved?

CFA's core business is planning for and responding to fires in the community, making it a key contributor to all levels of fire and emergency planning.

CFA representatives sit on the State Emergency Management Planning Committee (SEMP), each Regional Emergency Management Planning Committee (REMP) and each Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) in the country area of Victoria.

Representatives may also participate in fire management focused subcommittees or working groups at each level.

Committee representatives are responsible for sharing existing CFA operational plans and act as the voice of both the Authority and its volunteer members.

How does the community participate?

The community plays a key role in all levels of fire management planning, ensuring plans are in line with each community's specific needs.

Each emergency management committee will approach community engagement differently, which may include open consultation periods during the creation of new arrangements or plans.

An integrated approach

By working together organisations create a more consistent, strategic, and integrated approach to fire management planning, increasing the safety and resilience of Victorian communities.



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