Working Together

Integrated Fire Management Planning (IFMP)

What is IFMP?

Integrated Fire Management Planning (IFMP) is about improving the way that organisations and the community work together to reduce the destructive impact of fire on communities and the environment, following recommendations from a number of inquiries, including the 2003 Victorian Bushfire Inquiry.

How does it improve fire management?

IFMP involves a range of organisations responsible for fire prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and environmental and cultural uses of fire in order to bring individual plans together. It engages wider parts of the community than planning in the past and takes a more holistic, beginning to end approach.

IFMP will also ensure a consistent approach to fire management planning throughout Victoria.

Who is involved?

As outlined in the IFMP Framework, the implementation of IFMP is carried out by a state, regional and municipal committees and supported by the State Fire Management Planning Support Team.

Committees are made up of a range of representatives from organisations involved in fire management.

There are eight regional committees, based on the eight Department of Human Services (DHS) regions, which have been established and commenced work developing Regional Strategic Fire Management Plans.

A number of municipal trials based on council boundaries are also underway.

How does the community participate?

A key component of fire management planning will be input from the community to ensure that plans are in line with each community's specific needs. In order to implement this, extensive community engagement will play an important role at all levels of planning.

By working together organisations will create a more consistent, strategic and integrated approach to fire management planning, ensuring the resilience and safety of Victorian communities and the environment.

How is CFA involved?

Part of CFA's core business is planning for and responding to fire in the community, making it a key contributor to IFMP.

CFA representatives sit on the State Fire Management Planning Committee and each of the regional committees, six of them as regional chairs.

Representatives on these committees will be responsible for sharing existing CFA planning and will be the conduit between committees and CFA, leading change within the organisation to ensure the success of IFMP.

As municipal trials commence, CFA plans to work with brigades and ensure their valuable knowledge and experience is captured and forms part of the IFMP process.



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