Fire safety in apartment buildings

Apartment living requires special consideration when it comes to fire safety.

All residents' apartments are joined, either by wall, roof or floor and this can affect each other’s risks in the event of a fire. Apartment fires have the potential to spread heat, smoke and fire throughout the building which can affect the safety of all occupants.


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Apt Building Occupant Safety
Apartment building occupant fire safety
If you live in a high rise building and a fire breaks out, would you know what to do? Or how to safely escape?
Building cladding
Combustible Cladding
The Victorian Building Authority have identified buildings that require inspection as part of a statewide cladding audit.
Fire safety on Balconies
Fire safety on balconies
You can reduce the risk of fires occurring on your balconies by following the steps below to ensure your safety and prevent property damage.
Information for owners
Information for owners and owners corporations
Owners corporations have model rules that are required to be followed which include health, safety and security, storage of flammable liquids and other dangerous substances and materials.



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