Our Community Role in Fire Safety


firetruck icon Our Role

We are Victoria’s volunteer fire service, operating across the state to reduce the occurrence and impacts of fire and other emergencies


We are a Trusted Authority because we combine our core strengths in:

fire safety


community connectedness



Whether delivering community education programs to prevent fires or responding effectively to fires that have occurred, the services we deliver seek to achieve a common vision – Victorian communities that are prepared for and safe from fire

We are a dedicated and skilled team, performing roles beyond fire suppression; educating and engaging the community, helping residents develop fire plans and responding to other emergencies when they happen.

Our valued advice and knowledge in fire behaviour, fire safety, incident management and community preparation adds further strength to Victoria’s trusted and united emergency services sector. 

Working with other agencies

Many complex arrangements exist within Victoria regarding responsibilities for fire prevention on different land.

CFA works with Victoria's emergency services to work together to reduce the destructive impact of fire on communities. Learn more about CFA working with other agencies.

Burning off

What we do

Firefighter in bushfire ground

Emergency Response

365 days a year, CFA members respond to emergency incidents across Victoria.

Volunteers talking to mum and kids

Talking with the Community

Engaging with communities is critical for CFA to keep them prepared for and safe from fire.


Training Centres

CFA runs eight of the nine Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres (VEMTC).


Stations and Trucks

CFA relies on a range of fire stations and trucks to meet the needs of the community it serves.

planned burning

Planned Burning

CFA brigades conduct planned burning which reduce fuels to minimise the impact and spread of bushfire.

Being a Grassland Observer

Grassland Curing Observations

Weekly observations about how dry the grasslands are in their area and provide CFA an overall picture of Victoria's grassfire risk.

forest plantation

Forest Industry Plantations

In November 1997, the Victorian Government introduced legislation requiring forest plantation companies to form fire brigades when their plantation assets reached a critical size.

Firefighters at structural fire

Environmental Services

Ensuring CFA complies with environmental and other associated legislative requirements. Providing professional advice about firefighting and environmental hazards and considerations.

Fighting bushfire


CFA has programs and publications to assist people working in the rural landscape to make bushfire planning and operations as environmentally sustainable as possible.



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