Our role in Victoria's planning process

CFA has a role in several aspects of the planning process in Victoria.

Statutory planning

CFA acts as a referral authority under section 55 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 for different types of applications where bushfire and fire authority requirements need to be considered in the statutory planning process. These include:

CFA provides advice to councils (Responsible Authorities) on permit applications so that informed decisions can be made. Council is responsible for liaising with permit applicants. However they may be able to facilitate discussions between the CFA and applicants. Ultimately the council is responsible for making the decision about permit applications.

In some circumstances CFA also provides informal advice to councils in relation to planning applications. This may occur where there is no formal trigger to refer the application to CFA but the council recognises the need for some additional advice on bushfire or emergency service requirements.


Strategic planning

CFA is often consulted as part of the strategic planning process, particularly in the preparation of planning scheme amendments to ensure bushfire risk is considered at a strategic level. CFA also provides advice in relation to land use strategies and structure plans.



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