Resources For Schools at Risk of Fire

As we approach the summer fire season, CFA understands that schools situated in high bushfire or grassfire risk areas may require some extra support to provide safety information to their school community.

This section of the website aims to support schools with information and tools that will assist with the communication of fire related information to school families and the broader school community.

CFA has a wide variety of information, programs and tools that can assist people when planning for bushfire and grassfire which are readily available to the community via our website.

For more information you can contact your local CFA Community Education Coordinator at your nearest CFA district headquarters.

School Activities

Some suggested activities that schools can undertake to support your school community to plan for bushfire:

  • Encourage families to download Your Guide to Survival and the planning template, and attend any scheduled fire ready meetings being held locally
  • Talk to parents and children about the school’s emergency management plan and what it means for them
  • Contact your local District Community Education Coordinator at your nearest CFA district headquarters to arrange a bushfire planning workshop for staff and/or families 

Look at ways of getting the school and local community involved in summer preparation; for example in cleaning up vegetation around the school as part of a community working bee.

Teacher delivered fire safety lessons

New lesson plans are now available for teachers to deliver in the classroom to enhance students understanding of fire risk. Check under Primary and Secondary schools.

Research indicates that student learning can have positive impacts in enabling students to communicate with their families on preparedness for and prevention of fire.



Page last updated:  Thursday, 26 October 2023 6:24:58 PM