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IMPORTANT: Please read before applying

  • Ideally, you live, work or holiday near a Brigade to volunteer with CFA. Find your nearest brigade.
  • You may be placed on a waiting list. Your nearest brigade may not be recruiting or only recruiting some roles.
  • Your brigade will contact you in a few weeks to discuss your application before you join.
  • A police check and medical check will be required as part of the application process.
  • If you are over 18 years of age, you must have a Working with Children Check unless an exemption applies.

CFA expects all members to act in a manner which demonstrates a commitment to CFA Diversity and Inclusion policies, procedures and regulations.

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Joining your local CFA is the most rewarding way you can give back to your local community. Our CFA members are dedicated and skilled and each volunteer makes a valuable contribution through the roles they perform.

CFA is focused on increasing the diversity of our membership as well as our flexibility to perform a volunteer role while providing a range of opportunities and skill development. We're driven by our values and a commitment to inclusiveness and keeping our communities safe.

If you think this sounds like you, we invite you to apply to become a CFA Volunteer.

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The application process

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Check your address

Only applicants within designated CFA areas are able to submit an expression of interest application.

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Express your interest online

Provide basic details about yourself, your availability and your volunteering role preference via our online form. If the Brigade is not currently recruiting, your application will be added to a wait-list.

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Brigade Review

Your indicated brigade will contact you directly to discuss your application and assess your suitability for membership.

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Working with Children Check

You will be required to obtain a Working with Children Check.

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Icon - Police Check

Police Check

You will be required to undertake a National Police History Record Check.

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On successful submission of registration details and associated checks, CFA will make a final membership determination.


Application FAQs

How do I apply to volunteer?

You apply online by filling out an expression of interest form.

Once you have submitted your application, your local brigade will contact you regarding the next steps. Some brigades host information sessions for people interested in volunteering and some may require you to sit an interview.

Expressing your interest does not guarantee any positions will be available.

When are volunteers recruited?

All brigades are different and recruit volunteers when necessary for them.

Your local brigade may look for new volunteers year-round, or may have a waiting list for new volunteers to join. They may be recruiting for particular needs – such as secretaries or new firefighters who can respond at specific times.

Recruitment of new volunteers may be slowed or even put on hold during fire seasons.

What documentation will I need to provide before I join?

After you have been in contact with your local brigade and proceed to the application stage, the following paperwork is required and will be provided to you:

  • Proof of identification to accompany a Fit2Work form (police check),
  • completed medical report form. If you have any existing medical conditions, this must include a doctor’s assessment,
  • completed application form,
  • Working with Children's Check, and parental Consent Form for any volunteers under 18

Will I need a working with children or police check?

As a new volunteer, you must undergo a National Police Check through Fit2Work. You will be provided with a link to your Police Check as a part of your Application process. This is a free service for the applicant and must be completed via the Police Check issued by CFA/Fit2Work.

It is required that all volunteers hold a current Working with Children’s Check. It is a requirement to have a WWCC to undertake roles that interact with young people, which may include Junior Leaders, Fire Safe Kids presenters and schools programs.

You will be provided with the necessary paperwork.

Will I need to sit an interview before I join?

Each brigade handles their recruitment process slightly differently. Some brigades conduct a formal interview before signing up new volunteers, while others have a more casual chat.

This is to ensure the brigade is a right fit for you and you are a right fit for what they are looking for.

I haven't been contacted about my interest in volunteering, should I submit another form?

It is not necessary to submit a second form if you have already submitted one. Some brigades only meet once a month and new potentially members need to be discussed at brigade meetings which can delay the process.

If you haven't heard anything for a couple months, you may like to contact your relevant district's HQ. Your local brigade may also be able to let you know if they are recruiting or not.

How long will the process take to become a volunteer?

After you express your interest online, it could take a few months before you are accepted into a brigade. Some brigades only meet once a month and new applications need to be reviewed and voted on at brigade meetings.

Example of a recruitment process: (this can vary slightly depending on the brigade)

  1. Expression of interest are reviewed
  2. Successful members invited to an info night and/or interview
  3. Successful members complet an application, medical report, ID, WWCC, and Fit2Work (police check)
  4. Paperwork submitted to the district office for processing  
  5. Some aspect of the application might need further clarification
  6. Review of complete application
  7. Successful members start a 6 month probation period
  8. CFA induction
  9. General Firefighter training course is scheduled (for firefighters (operational volunteers)). This can be several months later and training itself can take up to 3-6 months. No incidents can be attended until you have completed all training.

What happens if I sign up but then find out it is not for me?

Ask as many questions as possible before you start to ensure you have a clear understanding of what volunteering for the brigade is like.

The first six months with CFA is a probationary period. Objectives of the probation period are to:

  • establish a relationship between the individual and the brigade
  • allow new members to decide if the brigade/CFA is the right fit for them
  • confirm that a person will be a suitable member
  • establish basic skills, knowledge and CFA awareness
  • provide a period in which the individual’s progress is monitored and progressive feedback is received.

At any time during probation period, a member on probation can resign.

Although there is no obligation to volunteer with CFA for a minimum period of time, we prefer to build our volunteers’ capability over a longer period of time by providing ongoing training and leadership development.

In some occasions shorter project opportunities are provided.


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