VEMTC Bangholme

The VEMTC Bangholme campus is located in the South East and is situated on approximately 44 acres. The campus provides over 20 practical training areas and a variety of classrooms to meet training needs.

Although the training centres primary purpose is to train CFA volunteers and staff, the centre also provides training and support to other emergency services and government agencies.

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How to book this training ground

Bookings of all training activities at CFA Operated VEMTC Training Campuses should be made using the:

Please email completed form to

Campus Features













Field training areas and props


Flammable Liquids Gas Prop - Domestic
BA Building (one level/multi-level) Gas Prop - Gantry
Fire Attack Building Gas Prop - Overhead Tank
Low Structure Fire Attack Gas Prop - Tanker
Extinguisher Prop Gas Ruptures
Forcible Entry Prop Roof Access Prop
Domestic Apartment Prop Building Structures Props
Confined Space Rescue Drafting Pit
Trench Rescue Aviation Prop
Road Accident Rescue Train Prop
Hazardous Materials Solar Panel Prop
Gas Prop - Car  

Classroom facilities

Conference Room Capacity 6 Printable whiteboard
Classroom 1 Capacity 22 Classrooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 have data docking station,
overhead projector, whiteboard and Wi-Fi
Classroom 2 Capacity 20
Classroom 3 Capacity 16
Classroom 4 Capacity 20
Classroom 5 Capacity 22 Projector screen and whiteboard


Catering ( Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, & Dinner, special events) is available to your training on Request. Please ensure it is requested on your booking form when lodging.

Our catering supplier serves delicious and nutritious food as an important part of our students’ campus experience as they are undertaking physically demanding training.

Catering provided to Training external of CFA will be invoiced at the conclusion of their course booking.

Numbers, allergies, food intolerances and religious requirements are to be advised to VEMTC admin as soon as possible and finalised two weeks prior to your booking date.

Off-site support to brigades

The following resources can also be booked through Bangholme Campus for off-site use:

BA Set, no cylinders - 6 available Portable radios - 6 available
BA Cylinders - 12 available Smoke Machine - comes with one litre of fluid
Gas Suits - 4 available Box trailer - for rescue gear
Splash suits - 8 available 7 x 5 trailer
Rescue Mannequins - Adult and Children size available


How to find us

CFA VEMTC Bangholme

808 Thompsons Road, Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Phone: 03 8794 4900



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