Who We Are



Many faces, one crucial mission


We are tens of thousands of Victorians, committed to protecting lives and property.

We respond to a range of hazards, support our communities to be fire ready and we work as one with our emergency services partners.

Our people’s skills, experience and expertise in fire prevention, preparedness and response across a range of landscapes makes us unique in the emergency services sector.

Building on our proud history within one of the world’s most bushfire-prone environments, we know how to adapt to meet the challenges of a changing climate.

CFA will continue to evolve, improve and innovate to provide a world-class fire and emergency service, now and in the future.


We are community


The reach of our network of brigades across Victoria is our strength.

CFA is recognised and present from outer suburbs to remote townships. Our people know and care for their communities like no other service.

Our members are key to the success of CFA because they are deeply connected with their local area and have a unique understanding of their community risk.

Our people epitomise the Victorian spirit of community, aiding others in times of great need. We create a sense of belonging, connecting people within the community.

Through leadership, mentoring and the opportunity to challenge themselves, our members make a positive contribution widely through their schools, workplaces and local networks.

We are a Trusted Authority because we have the community reach, the local knowledge and the skills to best prepare our communities for fire and respond in force when they need us.


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A skilled force


We are a dedicated and skilled team, performing roles beyond fire suppression; educating and engaging the community, helping residents develop fire plans and responding to other emergencies when they happen.

Our valued advice and knowledge in fire behaviour, fire safety, incident management and community preparation adds further strength to Victoria’s trusted and united emergency services sector.

CFA strives to be an organisation of choice for volunteers and employees, attracting people with a variety of skills, from organisational to operational, who all add value through the roles they perform. It’s why we’re focused on increasing our diversity, our flexibility and our inclusiveness and providing a range of opportunities and skill development.

We work proudly together with Victorian communities to deliver on CFA’s vision of fire safety and preparedness, regardless of whether that role is on the firefront or behind the scenes. All our people make a valuable contribution.


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Act and Regulations

Powers, duties and responsibilities under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958.
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CFA at a Glance

Quarterly stats on CFA Members, Brigades and Vehicles

CFA Medals

Medals are awarded to volunteers and staff for their contributions and efforts throughout their dedicated service in CFA.
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Child Safety @ CFA

CFA is committed to being a child safe organisation. Our organisation interacts with children and young people in many different ways and we want to ensure that we are keeping them safe whether we are out in the community or back at the brigade.
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Freedom of Information

FOI, Freedom of Information, access documents, request documents
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Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

CFA is committed to maintaining high levels of integrity and public trust through the application of good governance and transparency practices.
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From informal beginnings, CFA has grown to be one of the largest volunteer-based emergency service organisations in the world.
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Inclusion and Fairness

CFA's Inclusion and Fairness focus is based on a commitment to create a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace where volunteers and employees engage and interact with each other and the broader community in an equitable manner.
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Our Board

The Board of Authority is constituted under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958. It is responsible for CFA's overall performance and compliance with legislation and governance.
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Our Funding

Under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958, CFA receives funding of annual estimated expenditure through the State Government via the Fire Services Property Levy. CFA also generates a lesser amount of revenue from a number of internal activities.



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