Statement 3: FOI arrangements

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, members of the public have the right to request information and access documents about their personal affairs and the activities of CFA.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request needs to be made in writing to the agency that holds the documents being requested. Requests for documents in the possession of CFA should be addressed to:

Freedom of Information Manager
CFA Headquarters
8 Lakeside Drive
Burwood East
Victoria Australia 3151

Online FOI request lodgement and further information about how to make a request can be found Telephone enquiries can be made on 03 9262 8512 or by email at

Information relating to how to make a request, and how CFA receives and processes Freedom of Information (FOI) requests can be found at various locations, including those listed below.

Please note, the resource locations and content presented within the overall Part II Statement provides only a snapshot of the information that is available and is by no means an exhaustive representation.

If searching for a specific topic, more thorough results may be obtained by conducting a full search of this site or by contacting the relevant business unit directly.


Category/Topic Resource Location
Information on how to make an FOI request/
how the CFA is complying
with FOI obligations
General information and FOI assistance
specific to the CFA
Online FOI lodgement/General information
on lodging requests/ Whole of Victorian
Government FOI web resource


More information about Freedom of Information (FOI) can be found on the dedicated OVIC FOI website and CFA FOI website.


Freedom of Information
PO Box 701
Mt Waverley VIC 3149
Tel: 03 9262 8512



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