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Use CFA Local to find information on:

  • Which fire district you live in.
  • Total Fire Ban status and four day Fire Danger Ratings predictions in your area.
  • Location of the nearest brigade and Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP).
  • Upcoming meetings and events near you.
  • Community Information Guides.


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Learn more about what information you can search for below:


total fire ban sign

Total Fire Bans and Ratings

Find Fire Danger Ratings & Total Fire Bans for your area, or more information, visit the Fire Danger Ratings webpage.






fire stationBrigade Locator

Use the brigade locator to search for brigades in your local area or nearest town.





peopleCFA Community Meetings

Attend a CFA Community Meeting to learn about the fire risk in your area and how you and your community can turn this awareness into action. Find your nearest community meeting by municipality, township or meeting type.




calendarCalendar of Events

Includes local community and council events and notable dates including CFA Open Days, recruitment activities, workshops, local market fairs, expos and more. Find an event in your local area or nearest township. For a full list of CFA events in Victoria, visit the CFA What's on webpage




readingCommunity Information Guides - Bushfire

Guides have been developed for a number of communities to help residents and visitors make informed decisions about how to prepare their homes and families for bushfire season. Download your Community Information Guide via CFA Local, or for more information visit the Community Information Guide - Bushfire webpage.




neighbourhood safer places signNeighbourhood Safer Places (NSP)

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) are a PLACE OF LAST RESORT for those whose bushfire survival plan has been interrupted or failed. Not every town has a Neighbourhood Safer Place. Use CFA Local to search for NSPs in your local area or nearest township. For more information visit the Neighbourhood Safer Places webpage.




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