Recommendation 10

Recommendation 10: Invest in best practice Resource Management Systems: modernise human resource systems that support data collection, case management, analysis, reporting and decision-making to reduce the administrative burden that is experienced at ACFO, Commander and BMT management level mechanisms for a) identifying issues and b) more effectively and flexibly dealing with unresolved complaints


10.1 Reviewing current Resource Management Systems, and putting in place new tools and systems that support best practice people management
10.1.1 Develop resource management system concept brief and submit for approval (Key Decision Point 1) to Finance & Budget Investment Committee
10.1.2 Define Project Scope, background, and timelines
10.1.3 Assess capability of Success Factors (Victorian Government Preferred Supplier) against core business requirements
10.1.4 Develop an evidence based-business case for submission to government as a funding request
10.2 Seeking investment from the Government to scope, build and implement a suitable technology platform to support best practice people management
10.2.1 Within the parameters of the annual Victorian Government state budget process, submit an evidence-based business case for consideration