Recommendation 4

Recommendation 4: Continue to improve the process for issues management: increase transparency and share Right Environment initiatives and achievements more broadly to build confidence in the future of complaint handling and dispute resolution and to prevent harm to participants in the processes: FRV Secondees are supported to provide the critical middle management expertise to achieve the strategic objectives of CFA


4.1 Continuing to build the transparency and accountability of complaints, through reporting of numbers, timeliness of process and final outcomes. This reporting should be published in aggregate for members, with appropriate protections for confidentiality, including anonymised case studies to build the understanding of breaches and consequences
4.1.1 Confirm reporting capabilities of current complaints management system
4.1.2 Develop & Pilot reporting framework (including development of a report for publication to members) with Executive and Senior Leadership Group
4.1.3 Develop and implement mechanism for sharing report with members and publish twice yearly (January and July)
4.2 Developing support for local resolution of conflict, through training and organisational support at the BMT, Group Officer, ACFO and Commander level, to prevent the unnecessary escalation of complaints, and to address vexatious complaints where appropriate
4.2.1 Identify existing support, resources and training within each Region
4.2.2 Assess existing support resources for quality, consistency, and best practice, identify gaps and develop a toolkit
4.2.3 Develop and launch a communications and engagement plan to build and maintain awareness of the toolkit
4.3 Ensuring that Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs), ACFOs and Commanders are clear about their responsibilities and accountabilities in dealing with complaints in a timely manner, and are provided with training and support to fulfill their role
4.3.1 Clearly articulate the complaints management procedures in a process map that identifies and explains the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved
4.3.2 Communicate and socialise the complaints management process map to all members
4.3.3 Review HRBP Position Descriptions and update to include responsibility and accountabilities where required
4.3.4 Include responsibilities for complaints management in the Chief Officer's Annual Expectations of Districts
4.3.5 Engage with FRV to ensure ACFO and Commander responsibilities and accountabilities are clearly communicated and understood as part of the selection and appointment process
4.4 Continuing to apply a specific framework to address the current backlog of complaints, in order to bring these matters to culmination ensuring that members can access information about the clearing of the backlog of complaints and the outcomes achieved
4.4.1 Case manage legacy complaints to closure
4.5 Developing a framework for decision-making and any interventions relating to addressing vexatious complaints
4.5.1 Research current frameworks and best practice
4.5.2 Develop framework, informed by best practice
4.5.3 Implement framework
4.5.4 Review framework periodically to ensure it is effective and suitable to CFA and continues to reflect best practice
4.6 Building an engagement strategy to ensure that members are aware of the processes, procedures and protections in place (including changes made as a result of this Review)
4.6.1 Develop engagement strategy and communications plan