Fiskville Redress Scheme

The Victorian Government has announced details of the Fiskville Redress Scheme to support people impacted by activities at the former Fiskville Training College.

The scheme is independent of CFA and is being administered by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS).


The Fiskville Redress Scheme opened on Monday 5 September 2022. DJCS have a support team available to guide applicants through the through the application process and discuss any information that may be required.

For information on how you can access the scheme or to access further support:


Phone: 1300 315 198 available Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm


View the Victorian Government Statement about the scheme.

CFA has issued the following statement in relation to the Fiskville Training Centre


Please note: The form that applicants for the Redress Scheme are required to complete asks applicants to provide details of their employment, training or contracted service history at Fiskville, however the form notes that if the Scheme require further information or supporting documents they will discuss this with applicants once the application is received. Therefore CFA encourages you to provide the detail you recall and lodge your application with the Redress Scheme. If you are then advised that you require copies of documents that you no longer have you can then contact CFA to request these records if CFA still holds them.

Any requests for documents relating to applications for the Fiskville Redress Scheme will be managed through our Freedom of Information (FOI) request process . You can complete the online form to request this information. Our FOI team will search CFA records and if CFA still holds relevant records these will be provided to you as certified copies.



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