VEMTC Sunraysia


VEMTC Sunraysia provides a training centre for Volunteers, other emergency services and government agencies, and external user groups including commerce and industry in the top Northwest of the Victorian state.

It also welcomes all user groups from NSW and South Australia and offers a designated training centre featuring Breathing Apparatus Training Prop, Breathing Apparatus maintenance building, hot fire training props, administration, and classrooms.

It is located close to the airport for ease of accessibility and not far from Mildura where the area boasts a range of accommodation options.

Training at Sunraysia

Sunraysia training campus

How to book this training ground

Bookings of all training activities at CFA Operated VEMTC Training Campuses should be made using the:

Please email completed form to:

Campus Features


How to find us

CFA VEMTC Sunraysia

659-681 Nineteenth Street, Mildura VIC 3500

Phone: 0438 902 450



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