Private firefighting equipment

Anyone operating vehicles, machinery and equipment on farms must have firefighting equipment.

private firefighting equipment

Landowners and managers should have access to extra equipment, such as:

  • rakes, shovels and fire extinguishers
  • farm firefighting units, slip-ons, or even tankers depending on the nature of the fire risks.

Make sure that everyone on your property knows how to operate equipment.

What is CFA's position on the operation of private equipment?

CFA values the role of private equipment providing it is operated safely and effectively. Early intervention by operators has brought many fires under control before the arrival of the fire brigade. Private equipment also significantly assists in blacking out and patrol after fire.

Traffic Management Point Access

If you are using your private equipment at a bushfire, you may need to get it through an Emergency Services Only Traffic Management Point (TMP). To gain access:

  • Private firefighting appliances/machinery will need to have a yellow 'CFA Private Firefighting Equipment Traffic Management Point Access Sticker'. To obtain a yellow sticker you need to:
    • Ensure your appliance/machinery is in line with the CFA's Guidelines for Operating Private Equipment at Fires
    • Fill in the application form (PDF 107.5KB) and return to your nearest district office or alternatively, contact your local district office for a copy of the form.
  • CFA volunteers will need to have their CFA identification, personal protective clothing (PPC) and have completed minimum skills in order to access the TMP. Access is at the discretion of the Incident Controller.

For more information contact your local CFA district office, contact us or call Community Safety Headquarters on 03 9262 8444.



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