Caravan Park Fire Safety

Caravan park owners must meet fire safety requirements as outlined in the Residential Tenancies (Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings Registration and Standards) Regulations 2020

caravan park signThese regulations govern the construction, site layout and facilities within caravan parks in Victoria.

As a caravan park owner you must:

  • Provide and maintain access for firefighters
  • Prevent fire spreading by separating structures
  • Provide and maintain firefighting equipment
  • Identify and manage fire hazards
  • Comply with legislative requirements

Owners must also conduct regular maintenance to ensure fire safety elements are in good working order.

Fire safety guidelines for caravan parks

Use these guidelines to check, update and maintain fire safety systems in your caravan park.

The guidelines provide information about what you are required to do when building a new park or renovating an existing park.

Apply for a caravan park fire safety inspection

CFA and FRV inspect and audit fire safety measures in a caravan park and provide a report to the caravan park owner and the relevant local council.

You can apply for a fire safety inspection when renewing your caravan park registration or applying for a new registration.

Additional caravan park emergency management planning information can be found by visiting VICSES.

Appliance use in caravan parks during the Fire Danger Period and Total Fire Bans

Information regarding the use of various appliances in caravan parks in the country area of Victoria during declared Fire Danger Periods and Total Fire Bans - Caravan Parks, Fire Danger Periods and Total Fire Bans (PDF 70.8KB)



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