Health and Wellbeing

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Support Services for CFA Members

It's important that CFA volunteers, employees and their families manage their mental health in the same way as they manage their physical health.

Visit page: Support Services for CFA Members

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Support Services for family of CFA members

If your partner or loved one is experiencing difficulties, it’s important that they get help early, so it doesn’t develop into a more serious mental illness.

Visit page: Support Services for family of CFA members

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Presumptive Rights Compensation / Cancer Claims

Employee and Volunteer Firefighters who meet certain requirements can now access presumptive compensation for specified cancers contracted while serving as a firefighter.

Visit page: Presumptive Rights Compensation / Cancer Claims

CFA medical officer’s health tips for men

CFA Fiskville Health Surveillance Program

A confidential, free health check is available to CFA Members as well as anyone who worked, trained or had any contact with the former CFA Training College at Fiskville.

Visit page: CFA Fiskville Health Surveillance Program


Fiskville Redress Scheme

The Fiskville Redress Scheme is to support people impacted by activities at the former Fiskville Training College. The scheme being administered by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS).

Visit page: Fiskville Redress Scheme



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