Community Fire Refuges

There are currently five official Community Fire Refuges in Victoria, at East Warburton, Ferny Creek, Millgrove, Blackwood and Lavers Hill.

Find out if there are any Community Fire Refuges near you on the Local Information page.

Community Fire Refuges (CFRs) are only activated and opened once there is significant fire in the local area. Community Fire Refuges offer a last resort shelter option if you cannot leave the area in the event of a fire.

The presence of emergency services is not guaranteed at a community fire refuge. Safe travel to and from the site cannot be guaranteed.

Remember: the safest option is always to leave high-risk areas early before there are any signs of fire.


Community Fire Refuges and Neighbourhood Safer Places - what's the difference?

Most Neighbourhood Safer Places - Places of Last Resort are open-air spaces such as sports ovals, whereas Community Fire Refuges are purpose-built or modified buildings that can provide protection from radiant heat and embers. Both are last resort options only for when all other plans have failed.


These Community Fire Refuges have been formally endorsed by the Emergency Management Commissioner:

Municipality Township Name Location Address
Yarra Ranges East Warburton East Warburton Community Fire Refuge Millwarra Primary School East Warburton Campus
(Library and Learning Centre)
397 Woods Point Road, East Warburton
Yarra Ranges Ferny Creek Ferny Creek Community Fire Refuge Ferny Creek Primary School
(Library and Learning Centre)
School Road, Ferny Creek
Yarra Ranges Millgrove Millgrove Community Fire Refuge Wesburn-Millgrove Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire Station 3060 Warburton Highway, Millgrove
Moorabool Blackwood Blackwood Community Fire Refuge Blackwood Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire Station 2 Terrill Street, Blackwood
Colac Otway Lavers Hill Lavers Hill Community Fire Refuge Otway Country Fire Authority (CFA) Fire Station 8-14 Lavers Hill-Cobden Road, Lavers Hill



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