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Come join us

Give us a hand - Volunteer with CFA. There are many ways you can lend a hand. Fighting fires, educating your community on fire safety or supporting the team from behind the scenes.

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Apply to volunteer

Joining your local CFA is the most rewarding way you can give back to your local community. Our CFA members are dedicated and skilled and each volunteer makes a valuable contribution through the roles they perform.

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What vol roles can I do

What volunteer roles can I do

There is a role for everyone as a CFA volunteer. Not all roles in a brigade require you to attend an emergency. There are operational roles and support roles in each brigade.

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who can become a vol

Who can become a volunteer?

Who can become a volunteer? Our members come from all walks of life – we’re farmers, teachers, students, stay at home parents, tradespeople and retirees.

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What to expect as a vol

What can I expect as a volunteer?

Volunteers perform many roles beyond fire suppression in grass and bushland and in homes and buildings. They educate and engage the community about fire safety, help residents develop fire plans and respond to other emergencies when they happen.

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Junior volunteers

Junior Volunteers

The Junior Volunteer Development Program (JVDP) runs in over 160 brigades across Victoria and aims to introduce young people 11-15 years to CFA by providing them with the opportunity to become good fire safe citizens.

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Employers of Volunteers

Employers of volunteers play an important role. At their own cost, businesses release their staff, and self-employed volunteers forgo personal income and time.

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