Emergency Response

CFA responds to a range of hazards, support our communities to be fire ready and work as one with our emergency services partners.

Firefighter in bushfire ground

Our people’s skills, experience and expertise in fire prevention, preparedness and response makes us unique in the emergency services sector.

Our valued advice and knowledge in fire behaviour, fire safety, incident management and community preparation adds further strength to Victoria’s trusted and united emergency services sector.


Wildfire suppression

Aerial firefighting

Victoria is one of the most bushfire-prone places in the world. CFA has a long and proud history of suppressing fires in grasslands, bush and coastal areas both on the ground and in the air. It's why we are a trusted authority in fire suppression.

Structural Fire suppression

Factory fire

CFA Brigades respond to fires in homes, buildings, sheds and other significant places throughout the year and may be on scene with other emergency services. Smoke alarms in the home can prevent loss of life in the event of a fire.

Transport-related fire suppression

CFA Rescue Boat

CFA have special Fire Boats to extinguish fires which start on marine waters. Brigades may also attend motor vehicle fires and train fires.

Working with Forestry industry brigades

Fighting bushfires

Fires can begin in privately owned areas that are heavily forested. CFA assists brigades to suppress these fires.


Road rescue

Motor vehicle rescue

Brigades are often called to respond to motor vehicle crash incidents on urban and rural roads, recuing people trapped in vehicles and providing first response medical attention.

Technical rescue

Rope rescue

Technical rescue, such as high angle, trench and mine operations is a special skill held by selected volunteers with a high difficulty to execute. Large animal rescue team also rescue stranded livestock in rural areas.

Hazardous Incident response

Flammable gas icon


CFA responds to and assists Fire Rescue Victoria at incidents where hazardous materials have been transported or stored and pose a community safety risk.

Other emergencies

Flood assistance


CFA may also support other emergency services, such as the State Emergency Service, in responding to floods across the state by lending a hand with their trucks and equipment and additional people power.

burned area  teaching in a classroom

CFA is also involved in a range of non-emergency activities

  • Community awareness, education and safety programs
  • Fire safety input planning for major community risks
  • Fire prevention and planning
  • Land use planning advice at municipal level
  • Technical services including building code-related inspections, post incident analysis and fire investigation.
  • Vegetation Management
  • Planned Burning
  • Sustainable Fire Management



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