Fires in the Home

Reptile rescue after Echuca house fire

About House Fires

About house fires in Victoria and how you can focus on kitchen safety, avoid electrical hazards in sleeping areas, and exercise caution with heating appliances and more.

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Home fire safety checklist

Home Fire Safety Checklist

Prevent a devastating fire by sticking to some good habits and taking basic precautions around the home. Select tips to add to your checklist.

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mother with children working on escape plan

Escape Plans

Do you know what to do if fire breaks out in your home? Families who are well-prepared are more likely to escape their homes safely.

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Apt Building Occupant Safety

Apartment building occupant fire safety

If you live in a high rise building and a fire breaks out, would you know what to do? Or how to safely escape?

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Information for owners

Information for owners and owners corporations

Owners corporations have model rules that are required to be followed which include health, safety and security, storage of flammable liquids and other dangerous substances and materials.

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Fire safety on Balconies

Fire safety on balconies

You can reduce the risk of fires occurring on your balconies by following the steps below to ensure your safety and prevent property damage.

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Building cladding

Combustible Cladding

The Victorian Building Authority have identified buildings that require inspection as part of a statewide cladding audit.

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Lady checking smoke alarms

Smoke Alarms

Only working smoke alarms save lives. Change your clock, change your smoke alarm battery when daylight savings ends.

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Installation and Maintenance

Install a smoke alarm between each sleeping area and the rest of your home. If you live in a house with more than one level, install a smoke alarm on each level.

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