Training Services

CFA provides a range of commercial training services for industrial, business and residential care clients.

We can deliver tailor made training courses to suit the needs of your workplace. These courses are already delivered to a number of major companies throughout Victoria.

These courses cover the key information including topics around:

  • First Attack Firefighting Using Fire Extinguishers
    This course is designed to teach participants about what type of fire extinguisher should be used for each type of fire. Participants will also learn how to correctly use the range of fire extinguishers that are found in your workplace.
  • Evacuation Preparedness
    This course will teach participants how to respond to emergencies in their own work environment. If appropriate it includes correct lifting techniques, fire alarm location, warden structure and fire equipment use.

For further information or a no obligation quote please contact CFA:

Phone: 1300 36 36 61

Prices vary depending on your business type, size, numbers and course plan. We can provide a quote upon request.

CFA are committed to providing high quality training to both internal and external parties. Fully qualified Community Safety Officers from Fire Equipment Maintenance provides training.



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