Staying safe when you travel

Victoria is one of the world's most fire prone areas. If you are travelling or holidaying anywhere around the state this summer, make sure you're FireReady.

Stay informed and, be prepared and pack some essential items so you're ready to leave when you need to.

Never travel into any high-risk bushfire area where a Code Red has been declared. If you're staying in a high-risk bushfire area, the safest option is to leave the night before or early in the day on which the Code Red has been declared.

If you live or travel to work through bushfire risk areas, check CFA's Bushfire Safety for Workers page for an interactive online awareness session aimed at workers, but available for everyone.



Do you know the fire weather district you're travelling to or through?


Do you know the most up to date Fire Danger Rating for the area you are travelling to or through?


Is there a Total Fire Ban in the area you are travelling to or through?


Are you keeping up to date with local weather conditions?


Are you prepared to change your travel plans on hot, dry and windy days?


Have you packed essential items to help if you are caught in a fire situation?


Do you have the VicEmergency Hotline (1800 226 226) saved in your mobile phone and have you downloaded the free VicEmergency app?


If you are staying away from home for a night or more, have you discussed your Leaving Early options?



Page last updated:  Friday, 26 August 2022 12:48:41 PM