Kids Activities

Hey kids, welcome to the CFA Activities Room.

Whether you're looking for a fire safety flash game, a crossword puzzle, or to print out a colouring sheet, you can find here.

  • Puzzles and Mazes - Help CK get through mazes or play a home defence game
  • Word Games - Play code breaker or challenge yourself with a crossword
  • Colouring Sheets - Print out a firetruck or a firefighter page to colour-in
  • Wallpapers and Screensavers - Save Captain Koala and his friends to your computer screen
Child sitting on grass with cut-out activity

Puzzles and Mazes

Help CK get through mazes or colour a game, then cut them out to play!


CK's Fire Station Maze:

Help CK find his way back to the fire station through the maze.

CK's Fire Station Maze  (PDF 146.4KB)


CK's Hose Maze:

Help CK find out which hose is connected to the water supply.

CK's Hose Maze  (PDF 146.4KB)


Home Defence Game:

A game for you to colour some parts, then cut them out to play.

Home Defence Game  (PDF 146.4KB)


Where's CK?:

Colour in the numbered spaces to make CK appear.

Where's CK?  (PDF 146.4KB)

Word Games


Caption Koala's Code Message:

Can you find out what the code in Captain Koala's message is?

CK's Code Breaker  (PDF 146.4KB)


CK's Crossword Puzzle:

Test your knowledge with CK's Summer Safety Crossword puzzle.

CK's Crossword  (PDF 146.4KB)


Wozza Wombats Word Find:

Help Wozza Wombat find the words and decode the secret message.

Wozza Wombat's Word Find  (PDF 146.4KB)

Colouring Sheets

Wallpapers and Screensavers

 Desktop wallpaper - Bushfire Survival (Thumbnail)

Bushfire Survival: 

 Desktop wallpaper - Home Fire Safety (Thumbnail)

Home Fire Safety:

 Desktop wallpaper - CK and Friends (Thumbnail)

Captain Koala and Friends:




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