Recommendation 1

Recommendation 1: Develop and implement a plan for organisational change to improve culture and issues management


1.1 Public recognition of past harms to members of CFA
1.1.1 Issue public apology for passed harms
1.2 Clearly communicated 5-year implementation process for the Plan, that incorporates accountability measures that are transparent to members of CFA including consideration of independent monitoring at key milestones
1.2.1 Develop Implementation Plan
1.2.2 Articulate what success looks like and identify, (including where applicable, develop and implement) appropriate measures for tracking progress. This includes at the macro level (overall culture), and for each action within the implementation plan
1.2.3 Develop Communications Plan, for socialising the implementation plan, and for providing regular updates on progress
1.2.4 Implement Communications Plan
1.3 Commitment to reporting against progress of the Plan, alongside the requirements of the Fire Services Implementation Monitor, which includes the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework to support consistent, regular and systematic communication about progress against the recommendations of the Review
Refer Actions 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3 and 1.2.4