Partnering with CFA

CFA endeavours to partner with corporate and community entities with common aims when it comes to public safety and community involvement.

CFA seeks to develop formal partnership and sponsorship arrangements with major corporate and community entities, focused on improving its community engagement and preparedness programs, as well as supporting volunteer development and funding community engagement resources.

What we look for in a partnership

We look for alignment with our partners. We seek mutual opportunities to engage with broader audiences to further CFA’s strategic goals in our commitment to the community and our people.

 CFA strategic plan diagram


We look for partners with similar values and standing in the community; trusted and respected.

We look for opportunities to further the reach and resonance of our messaging around our three core strengths:

  • Fire safety
  • Community connectedness
  • Volunteering

Our Framework

Our partnership and sponsorship framework consists of various levels with benefits at each level depending on the program, project or asset supported and the level of investment.

Partnerships and sponsorships developed within this framework are generally statewide for an agreed term and are managed by CFA headquarters.

Regional or localised partnerships are also possible and these are managed by the relevant CFA region, district or brigade.

CFA has a Partnership and Sponsorship Framework - all partnership/sponsorship proposals will be reviewed and managed in accordance with this.

CFA will work with interested parties to develop a tailored and mutually beneficial partnership or sponsorship arrangement.

If you have any enquiries about engaging in a partnership with CFA please email



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