External Review of Culture and Issues Management

CFA is committed to a safe and inclusive culture where our people are able to thrive.

The External Review of Culture and Issues Management to Support the CFA of the Future, undertaken by Allen & Clarke Consulting and released in June 2022, made ten key recommendations for CFA to build on the work already underway to create a positive environment for the future.

CFA has accepted all of the recommendations by the independent, expert review team.

Our Implementation Plan outlines how we will address the issues which were highlighted in the Review and deliver on the recommendations.

The plan sets out a range of actions and measures which will assist in ensuring that the behaviours of all who work and volunteer with our organisation meet community standards and are in line with our CFA values.

Progress in delivering the Implementation Plan is regularly reviewed by the CFA Executive and Board. Progress Reports on the Implementation Plan will be provided every six months.

We are encouraged by the positive response from our members (volunteers and staff) to the release of the review and their endorsement of the Implementation Plan.

We look forward to working together to continue to protect our communities as we have done for decades.

Key achievements

We are pleased to report that, out of 137 actions, 112 have commenced, with 40 complete, 45 on track to complete as expected and 44 currently commenced but behind schedule, with plans in place to progress.

During the July to December 2023 period, several foundational actions were completed. Just some of our achievements include:

  • launching the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • expanding opportunities to access the Peer Program by training new Peers focusing on areas where there is less service provision
  • embedding CFA values and Behavioural Standards in each touchpoint in the onboarding and induction process
  • facilitating face-to-face Behavioural Standards Workshops with 5166 members
  • embedding the Diversity & Inclusion statement into the Volunteer Recruitment process
  • Facilitation of more volunteer leadership opportunities including continuation of the Women in Leadership Mentoring Program and Captains’ Peer Mentoring Program
  • Introduction of Women-only Training Days


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