CFA Medals

Medals are awarded to CFA members for their contributions and efforts throughout their dedicated service in CFA.


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australian fire service medal
Australian Fire Service Medal
The Australian Fire Service Medal recognises distinguished service by members of Australian fire services. It is awarded to paid and volunteer members for distinguished service.
service medal
CFA Service Award
Awarded in recognition of service given to CFA.
kings medal
King's Police and Fire Service Medal
One of the older awards, instituted in 1909 by King Edward VII but discontinued in 1954 when separate medals for police and for fire service were substituted.
national emergency medal
National Emergency Medal
The National Emergency Medal recognises service to others during nationally-significant emergencies.
National Medal feature photo
National Medal
The National Medal was created by Royal Warrant and is awarded by the Governor General to personnel in Australia's emergency services.
queens medal
Queen's Fire Service Medal
The Queen's Fire Service medal (QFSM) consists of two awards:
spirit of cfa awards
Spirit of CFA Awards
The Spirit of CFA Awards recognise outstanding achievements and significant contributions made by CFA staff and volunteers to CFA, local communities and the state of Victoria.
valor medal
Valor Medal
The Valor Medal is available to all CFA members for acts of bravery.



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