Recommendation 5

Recommendation 5: Increase the avenues for conflict resolution: continue to explore other ways to address conflict and disputes by exploring mechanisms for a) identifying issues and b) more effectively and flexibly dealing with unresolved complaints


5.1 Instituting appropriate, best practice anonymous complaints avenues to increase channels for making a disclosure and to also inform CFA about adverse behaviour as it occurs
5.1.1 Conduct research into how other organisations have implemented anonymous complaints channels to identify best practice and develop Core Business Requirements for CFAs anonymous complaints system and process
5.1.2 Confirm if existing complaints management module has the capability for submission and management of anonymous complaints
5.1.3 Subject to outcome of 5.1.2 either: Assess the capabilities of the current system against the core business requirements identified in 5.1.1 or, Identify alternative systems and assess against the core business requirements identified in 5.1.1 and develop a business case for implementing an appropriate technical solution to support and enable anonymous complaints
5.1.4 Implement and communicate anonymous complaints process
5.2 Ensuring regular organisational climate surveys are undertaken and include all members of CFA to collect data on those adverse behaviours which are not formally reported, and then to report back on action that will be taken in response to the surveys
5.2.1 Design a Net Promoter Score style process to gauge member experience of behaviours at CFA
5.2.2 Implement and embed developed Net Promoter Score style process - including regular reporting to members on continuous improvements activities to improve member experiences
5.2.3 Identify existing metrics from People Matters Survey and VFBV's Volunteer Welfare and Efficiency Survey that can be used as cultural indicators to measure improvements in member experience over time
5.3 Focusing on local resolution by piloting new models of local resolution panels, with clear operational guidance to ensure consistency with CFA regulations, comprised of volunteers and independent expertise (where required) to address issues that may be mediated to resolution at the local level
5.3.1 Identify new/best practice models that are suitable to be piloted
5.3.2 Establish formal pilot/s of new practices identified in action 5.3.1 - including framework for assessing and evaluating pilot/s
5.3.3 Review outcome of pilot/s against the assessment and evaluation framework and make a recommendation for next steps as appropriate
5.4 As part of the scheduled 2024 review of the Regulations, ensuring alignment with changes arising from this Review and the Right Environment initiatives. To ensure that the Regulations are modernised to apply processes in a timely and flexible manner particularly in the areas of definitions, penalties, how procedural fairness is protected and how a ‘human-centred’ complaints process can continue to be built within CFA
5.4.1 Embed into Terms of Reference and Scope of the 2024 Regulations Review