Before and During a Fire

CFA has a wealth of resources to help you understand your fire risk and know what to do before and during a fire.

This section discusses the importance of leaving early, and how a well thought out bushfire survival plan can help you if you live or holiday in high-risk bushfire areas of Victoria.

You don't have to live near bush to be at risk of fire. Grassfire can be just as dangerous as bushfire; know what to do if you live close to grass in a rural area or where the suburbs meet grasslands.

In this section

guide to survival cover image

Your Guide to Survival

This guide provides essential information aimed at anyone who lives, works or travels in Victoria so that they are prepared for the summer fire season.

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leave early

Leave Early

Leaving early is the safest option to protect yourself and your family. Leaving early means leaving the area before a fire starts – not when you can see flames or smell smoke.

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What to pack

What to take with you

As part of your bushfire plan, put together an emergency kit

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Checking warnings during travel

Staying safe when you travel

Victoria is one of the world's most fire prone areas. If you are travelling or holidaying anywhere around the state this summer, make sure you're FireReady.

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Young lady talking to elderly

People who need help planning to leave

All Victorians should be prepared and ready to act if bushfire threatens. But some people may need help to prepare their fire plan and to leave early.

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staying safe in the car

Staying safe in the car

Driving during a bushfire is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death; always plan to leave early to avoid this situation.

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Family writing bushfire plan

Your Bushfire Plan

You don’t have to live in the country to be at risk of fire. If you live near areas that have significant bush, forest, long grass, or coastal scrub, then you need to plan ahead for the fire season.

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Fire Ready Kit

The responsibility for surviving the fire season is shared between emergency services and the community. You have a role in ensuring our community's safety.

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The image has the title of the Tourism Business Bushfire Plan and a family of four looking out from a hill into the sunset.  Their car is on the right of them and the boot is open.

Preparing your tourism business

If a bushfire starts near your business, you and your employees may be under pressure to ensure the safety of yourselves and others.

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Family and pet dog

Pets and Bushfires

When preparing your bushfire survival plan, you also need to plan and prepare for the safety of your pets.

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