Diversity and Inclusion

CFA's Diversity and Inclusion focus is based on a commitment to create a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace where volunteers and employees engage and interact with each other and the broader community in an equitable manner, regardless of background, ethnicity, culture, language, beliefs, gender, age, socio-economic status, level of ability, additional needs, family structure or lifestyle.

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CFA is building its capability and awareness around improved inclusive and fair workplace practices. The aim is to be recognised as an organisation that actively promotes, supports, and enables inclusion, fairness and diversity and is representative of the broader community in which we work. CFA Diversity and Inclusion initiatives will drive positive change that reflects our values and behaviours and assist us in continuing to be a well-respected and highly regarded modern emergency service.


Goals and Delivery

Our goals - what we aim to achieve

  • Improving the representation of people from diverse backgrounds within the organisation, that is broadly reflective of the Victorian community.
  • Attracting and retaining competent membership skilled at working in an inclusive and respectful manner with one another and with the community.
  • Understanding and addressing barriers within our systems and procedures.
  • Creating processes, policies, plans, practices, programs and services that meet the diverse needs of those we work with and serve.
  • Build a safe and healthy environment free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.
  • Mainstreaming fair and inclusive work practices across all our work practices and operational plans.

We will deliver our fairness and inclusion goals by focusing on four key areas:

Other CFA Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

  1. Delivering inclusive leadership at CFA
  2. Valuing fairness and inclusion at CFA
  3. Providing governance
  4. Driving and measuring success


Governing Bodies

CFA Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

To demonstrate CFA's commitment to creating a great place to volunteer and work, a State Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council was established in 2017. The intent of the council is to advise CFA Executive on strategic needs, goals and direction of CFA regarding Diversity and Inclusion. The State Council is made up of both volunteers and staff with a passion for diversity, and from a range of different backgrounds. Their vision is Diverse People, Shared Values, Inclusive CFA.

Regional Diversity and Inclusion Councils

Regions have also established their own Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Councils. With representation from both volunteers and staff across the Region, the Council performs an advisory role to the Regional Leadership Team and Districts, in areas of Diversity and Inclusion. This ensures that emerging themes, focus areas and pockets of excellence within the Region are identified and communicated. Collaboration such as this ensures that the work of Districts and Region are responsive to the changing needs of our communities and our Brigades.


The Team

The role of the CFA Diversity and Inclusion team is to enable, advise, support and promote Diversity and Inclusion at CFA. Establishing the structures, systems and processes to enable CFA to integrate the principles of Diversity and Inclusion in all aspects of CFA as well as ensuring CFA maintains its commitment to providing a welcoming, safe, inclusive and fair culture.


Other CFA Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The Diversity and Inclusion team in partnership with members are currently updating the Koori Inclusion Action Plan (2014-2019) and the Disability Action Plan (2013-14), and will strive to continue the work outlined in the updated plans.

The Diversity and Inclusion team are also assisting in the coordination of CFA Pride, the Matter of Respect program, the Male Champions of Change project, Allies of Inclusion and the Emergency Management Victoria Diversity and Inclusion Data Collection Project.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of the initiatives the Diversity and Inclusion team is involved in, wish to provide feedback, or for any other queries, please feel free to contact us inclusionandfairness@cfa.vic.gov.au



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