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Bushfire Safety for Workers

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Online Awareness Session

Do you work in or travel through high bushfire and grassfire risk areas over summer?

CFA has developed a new online bushfire safety awareness workshop for people who work in high risk bushfire areas.  Initially developed for people who work in the community care sector who visit their clients or patients in homes located in high risk areas, it has been broadened to include a range of work sectors. It is structured to suit any person working in high bushfire risk areas including and not limited to those in the education, justice, health and trades sectors.     

Importantly this online session applies to almost any person who finds themselves working in high risk areas over summer.  CFA recognises there is a need for all Victorians to be safe from bushfires over summer.

The online session covers four key areas:

    Your Risk – learn about the risk

   Prepare - how to be prepared

    Drive – how to stay safe on the road

   Survive – how to survive and stay safe


It includes interactive content and videos and it takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes to complete, including a short sign in process.


You can consider this online fire safety session an important OH&S and duty of care (maintaining a safe workplace) activity.  It is about ensuring your staff know what do to if caught out in a bushfire and how to stay safe.   

CFA recommends that anyone who works in high bushfire risk areas over summer needs to complete this session and urges employers and employer groups to consider policies that make this mandatory in the workplace.

Participants can access a certificate at the end of the session to verify their completion. The online module is not formally accredited, or competency based and is an awareness session only.

Please make the time to complete this session; it could save your life.

Let's begin

Step-by-step guide on completing the module (Word 2MB)

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